3 in 1 Prenatal Yoga Garbhasanskar Course for doctors only

Pregnancy is a unique and wondrous time in life of every woman. Empowering women by giving them the information they need during pregnancy can make pregnancy safer and a whole new generation healthier. At Ayurmangalam Garbhsanskar we incorporate the finest of science and medicine and impart the best of the knowledge to create a team of erudite doctors who are equally ignited with our passion for a brilliant bright future, ‘Tejaswi Nirmiti.’ In fact the journey does not end here for our doctor patrons, but is just the beginning for constant hand holding, guiding and supporting each other on a permanent basis. Our endeavor is to build a robust alumni team to learn, grow and evolve together as a continuous process and culminate into one nation one team eventually.

Online certificate course of Pregnancy Yoga and Fitness Trainer.

World Yoga Organization accredited Manaswinee Ayurveda Foundation and Ayurmangalam Garbhasaskar curates an online certificate course that specializes in fitness training during pregnancy. The course highlights on the importance of prenatal and postnatal exercises, lifestyle and stress management during pregnancy, and most importantly the overall wellbeing of the to-be mother and the foetus.
Upon completion of this course, one can upgrade as a Prenatal Yoga Trainer. As a prenatal Yoga Trainer you work on the art of teaching safe and beneficial prenatal and postnatal yoga classes to make pregnancy as healthy and happy as possible. Becoming a mother is the most special occasion for every woman. All expecting mothers deserve personal care, attention and support. And you are going to be one who can assist them.
The course is well designed and fine tuned to address;

To Note:

Duration-1 month (Sundays off)
Eligibility - yoga teachers
Admission will be confirmed after paying the complete course fee.
Exam based certification
Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and delivery process
Risks in pregnancy
Post-delivery process
Yoga Philosophy
Birth process ( exercise, postures and breathing guidance)
Lifestyle and stress management in these 3 stages
Practical approach to make the career in this field with Certification
Introduction of garbhasanskar and yoga
Importance, scope and limitations of the course
How, When and where to refer the client
Anatomy and physiology of male and female reproductive system
Role of modified pranayam for pregnancy
Role of meditation
Diet ( preconceptional, pregnancy, postnatal) with basic rules of modern science and ayurved.
Womb talking
Shatchakra meditation during pregnancy. Awakening of chakra of mother and baby.
Introduction of prenatal and postnatal exercises
Anatomy and physiology with pelvis models (general, during pregnancy, after delivery)
Difference between walking, exercise and yoga
Preconception, antenatal, postnatal exercise and modified yoga