3 in 1 Certificate Course with Music

Manaswinee Ayurveda Ayurmangalam Yoga and Garbhasanskar

World Yoga Organization accredited

The course structure of Manaswinee Ayurveda Ayurmangalam Yoga and Garbhasanskar, 3 in 1 certificate course with music is as follows

3 in 1 certificate of pregnanchy yoga and Garbhasanskar with music for doctor's only

The 3 in 1 Certificate Course is one of a kind and exclusive in itself. Manaswinee Ayurved Ayurmangalam Garbahsanskar is driven with one unique concept. The vision of a ‘Tejawsi Nirmit’ Hence we bring a compilation of Garbhasanskar, physical health, mental health and spiritual health for the most divine bond that exists in nature, the mother-child bond. A holistic perspective towards Garbhasanskar will not only improve the wellbeing of the pregnant mother but ensures that the future outcomes are stable and rewarding for the rest of the life between a mother and her new born child.
It gives us immense pleasure to share that we have reached a satisfying milestone of 25 batches which are both in-person and online classes with a strong team of certified doctors since its inception in 2017. And we are counting more.

  • Certificate course in Pregnancy yoga –Garbhsanskar- 15 days
  • Workshop- Saptchakra meditation, 2days
  • Workshop- The harmonious effect of music therapy, 2 days
  • Workshop- Early childhood care and IQ stimulation (0-5 years), 2days


  • Certificate through Govt. Registered &WYO accredited yoga school
  • Access to videos after completion of course
  • Notes printable and PDF
  • E-certificates after completing the course.
  • Notes of all the workshops
  • Life time access to membership

PART 1 - Certificate course in Pregnancy yoga –Garbhsanskar

  • What is Garbhsanskar and its importance
  • Rules of Garbhsanskar practice
  • Shodashsanskar
  • Anatomy and physiology of Male n Female Reproductive System
  • Journey of parenting from conception to birth
  • Rajswala paricharya
  • Counseling-Mental, physical, spiritual
  • Growth and development of baby, embryology
  • Psychological and physiological changes in Mother during pregnancy
  • The science behind the ritual practices during pregnancy
  • Protocols of ANC treatment, investigations, vaccinations according to Modern science.
  • Pregnancy and Diet
  • Do’s and Don’ts in pregnancy (Modern dietetics and Ayurved view)
  • Types of Delivery
  • Breast Feeding (Ayurvediy drushtikon-Stany)
  • Weaning + Balguti
  • Month wise diet, Symptoms ,treatments and Ideas to tackle it
  • Garbhini paricharya
  • Sutika paricharya
  • Shishu paricharya
  • Diseases n pregnancy
  • Pregnancy and cosmetology
  • Way of Parenting & Stimulation of IQ in pregnancy.


  • Pregnancy safe pranayam
  • Yogasan
  • Mudra
  • Meditation
  • Mantrochchar
  • Modern exercises
  • Womb talking
  • Shatchakraunmilan
  • Scope and practical approach


  • Child brain, importance of early years
  • Developmental milestones in children aged 0-5 years.
  • Childhood problems, child mental health, and indicators for early intervention.
  • How to stimulate your child’s intelligence.
  • Family Mindfulness techniques.
  • Worksheets and activities for engaging interactive sessions


  • Rules of Meditation according to Hathyoga
  • All the theory about 7 chakra
  • Its position Beejmantra, Devta, Its effects on body, mind and soul
  • How to feel, stimulate chakras with different types of meditation
  • Chakra meditation during pregnancy


  • Shabda – Definition, types, Importance in Sangeeta and Ayurveda
  • Shabda and Sangeeta reference in Ayurveda.
  • Swara, Raga, Tala – Effect on the physical and mental status.
  • Raga and Rasa, its bhava, timing – effect on physical and mental states.
  • Sound Waves – effect on hormones.
  • Pre-conception to post Pregnancy vidhis – Importance of music in all these stages.
  • Aatma – Indriya – mana-artha sannikarsha (Also essential for Sanyogaja shabda or Ahata nada), Mano-anukul shabdadi.
  • importance of Swaras and Ragas according to the month of Pregnancy and development.