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Welcome To Manaswinee Ayurveda

Manaswinee Ayurveda Foundation and Ayurmangalam Garbhasanskar is a dedicated to bring Ayurveda into your life. At Manaswinee Ayurveda Foundation we strongly believe in सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः “May the world be happy and healthy” and thus we work vigorously in bringing forth the science of Garbhasanskar and Yoga towards a Universal health. Within its inception Manaswinee Ayurveda Foundation earned worldwide reputation in a matter of few months and is recently accredited with World Yoga Organization as a Prenatal Yoga School.

Garbh Sanskar

Garbh Sanskar is an ancient science that basically means educating the mind of the unborn. With roots in Ayurveda, Garbsanskar traditionally believes that a child’s mental and behavioral development starts as soon as she/he is conceived. Research in the field of science and child development confirms the fact that the fetus inside the womb responds to the mother’s thoughts, feelings, and moods. Hence it is no surprise that your bond with your child starts from the time you conceive.
Garbh Sanskar brings you closer to your unborn child and helps you to develop your precious relationship with your baby through physical, mental, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual ways.
According to scriptures Garbha Sanskar begins much prior to the conception. Therefore Pre-conceptional counseling which is also called ‘Bijashudhi’ is a vital part of the practice. It is believed that the way the mind processes has a direct impact on the DNA of the fetus. Hence it becomes a mandatory requirement for the mind to be in a pleasant state even before and after the conception. In fact it is advisable to keep our mind in a state of calm and peace at all times. 
‘Dinacharya’ and ‘Rutucharya’ are another two important features in Ayurveda which play a vital role in Pre-conception. A consistent routine, healthy diet and a meaningful lifestyle are recommended for the couples to achieve their peak physical and psychological health during the Pre-conception process. Further, with the intention to start afresh and to cleanse the body of toxins it is highly recommended for the couple to undergo Ayurvedic Pancha Karma before conception. Thus in total a couple achieves both physical and mental refining prior to the most important phase of their lives.
At Ayurmangalam Garbha Sanskar we favor a natural delivery and work extensively for Tejaswi Nirmiti Sulabh Prasuti. Giving birth to a brilliant child through the natural way without causing any trauma to the new born is the only motto that we believe in.
Natural delivery is always less traumatic for the baby, compared to the sudden shock of exposure to the outside environment through caesarean section. Specially designed exercises during prenatal stage and external applications during labor facilitate a simple and less painful delivery.

Ayurmangalam Garbhsanskar of Manaswinee Ayurveda Foundation has designed a unique course for Tejaswi Nirmiti Sulabh Prasuti
Join us for spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of a new born baby and become a happy and proud parent.
Ayurmangalam Garbhasanskar is a very carefully designed unique online Pregnancy classes for expecting couples and pregnant ladies for happy, healthy and stress free pregnancy.

Our Services

Pregnancy is a unique and wondrous time in life of every woman. Empowering women by giving them the information they need during pregnancy can make pregnancy safer and a whole new generation healthier. At Ayurmangalam Garbhsanskar we incorporate the finest of science and medicine and impart the best of the knowledge to create a team of erudite doctors who are equally ignited with our passion for a brilliant bright future, ‘Tejaswi Nirmiti.’ In fact the journey does not end here for our doctor patrons, but is just the beginning for constant hand holding, guiding and supporting each other on a permanent basis. Our endeavor is to build a robust alumni team to learn, grow and evolve together as a continuous process and culminate into one nation one team eventually.

Team Ayurmangalam


Dr. Mohini Kulkarni Tathode 

Director and Founder

Shri. Dhananjay Jagtap

Yoga Guru

Mrs. Rajini Kadam

PG Diploma Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Dr. Madhuri Vitekar

MD Ayurved, Indian Classical music vocalist

Dr.Manali Grover (MPT)

Founder Coccoon, Delhi.

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