Pregnancy yoga teacher training course for yoga teachers

Prenatal and Postnatal yoga Teacher Training & Garbhasanskar- in Context with Modern Science & Ancient Science of Yoga, Ayurveda and psychology.


Syllabus and mentor's details for the course you are interested in

🧎🏻♀️Dr.Manali Grover(MPT)
Founder of the service The caccoon, Delhi
LCCE(Lamaze Childbirth educator), Prenatal yoga instructor, pelvic floor physio and lactation consultant.

👩💼 Mrs. Rajini Kadam
Counsellor & psychologist

👩🏻⚕️ Dr.Mohini Kulkarni-tathode

Founder of Manaswinee Foundation and Ayurmangalam Garbhsanskar, Pune.
Ayurved, Yog, Garbhsanskar and lactation consultant.

🧘🏻♂️ Shri Dhananjay Jagtap

Founder of Sai Siddh yoga institute,Pune.
15 years experience of teaching hathayoga and meditation.

SYLLABUS of the course

👉🏻Introduction of garbhasanskar and yoga
-A systematic approach to pregnancy with an integrated approach of modern & ancient science
-Personal experience & case studies discussions
-Garbhasanskar- Modern Concept
👉🏻 Modified asana and Pranayama
👉🏻Many Prayers and mantra for baby’s great development and mothers health
👉🏻 9 types of meditation,
👉🏻music therapy importance 👉🏻yoga nidra teaching methods
👉🏻Many activities
👉🏻Ideal lifestyle during preconceptional, pregnancy and postnatal phase
👉🏻Importance, scope and limitations of the course
👉🏻How, When and where to refer the client
👉🏻Anatomy and physiology of male and female reproductive system
👉🏻Diet (preconception, pregnancy, postnatal) with basic rules of modern science and ayurved.
👉🏻Womb talking
👉🏻Musical workout
👉🏻Shatchakra meditation during pregnancy. Awakening of chakra of mother and baby.
👉🏻Introduction of prenatal and postnatal exercises
👉🏻Anatomy and physiology with pelvis models (general, during pregnancy, after delivery)
👉🏻Difference between walking, exercise and yoga
👉🏻Preconception, antenatal, postnatal exercise and modified yoga
👉🏻Birth process (exercise, postures and breathing guidance)
👉🏻 Lifestyle and stress management in these 3 stages
👉🏻Practical approach to make the career in this field with Certification


👉🏻 Benefits of Yoga during pregnancy, birth and post natally.
👉🏻Pregnancy Yoga Guidelines by govt.
👉🏻Specific Pregnancy Conditions, Complications, Contra-indications & Cautions
👉🏻Process, physiology and stages of Labour & Birth
👉🏻 Yoga for Conception
👉🏻How to fight the diseases with yoga.
👉🏻 Specific trimesterswise information- Main changes and problems, important things to remember, specific practices, asanas, cleansing, pranayama, meditation etc .
👉🏻Dos and don’ts
👉🏻 Science behind the rituals.
👉🏻Myths in each phase
👉🏻Pelvic Floor Exercises
👉🏻Birth ball exercises
👉🏻Specific practices of Mudras
👉🏻 Methodology how to plan classes and session arrangement

😇 Special workshop by Mrs. Rajani Kadam 😇

👉🏻 Bonding with the Unborn.
👉🏻 The precious role as Parents – the baby partnership
👉🏻Mental health conditions during Antenatal/ Postnatal phase of the mother
👉🏻Work life balance
👉🏻Stress Management
👉🏻 Introduction to parenting

Why should you join this course?

This training course aims to enable yoga aspirant to open a new career opportunity by enhancing their existing knowledge in context with modern science and Ancient Science- Yoga , ayurveda and psychology

-You will learn a step by step approach about women and unborn child’s health and wellbeing

-After this course you will get a sense of empowerment and mastery in this subject through real case studies.

-Certification to the successful student entitles them to teach in any part of the world.🌎

-It is going to be a remarkable step in pre and Postnatalnatal Yoga teaching profession with the Enhancement of your existing knowledge and skills.

-Free Course material & many references

-Recordings of live class for easy revision

-Revisions, Question & Answer Session

– life time support for queries from expertise.

– Internship available

– No. of Seats- 20 on first come first serve basis for one to one interaction

Course Schedule

Starting date- 24th May 2021
Course Duration – 1month
Days- 6 days a week (Sunday off)
Time- 2 pm – 4 pm
Venue– Online Live on zoom platform
🧎🏻♀️Eligibility – yoga teachers
Starting from
24th May 2021
Please Note-
📎 Admission will be confirmed after paying the complete course fee.
📎All the practical and theory classes will be online live.
📎Certificate will be provided after passing the exams by the institute.

Course Fee is 15000/_(10% discount on Group admission)

👉🏻Account transfer
Dr. Mohini: Mohini Tathode, Acc no: 20160615671, ifsc: SBIN0014730, SBI NEW SANGVI
👉🏻Google pay on 9561999164