Dear parent's to be💖🤰🏻

We welcome you all at Ayurmangalam Garbhsanskar for Tejaswi nirmiti sulabh prasuti🤰🏻

Parent’s physical fitness, mental enthusiasm and spiritual energy can change baby’s future, so to welcome your #little_angel , to enrich their complete development hold our hand to acquire the technique of garbhasanskar.

Part 1 --- Dr.Mohini Kulkarni-tathode ---

👉🏻   Introduction and history of Garbhasanskar
👉🏻   Scientific Omkar
👉🏻   Science behind the rituals Of shodashsanskar
👉🏻   Journey of baby inside the womb
👉🏻   Body, mind and soul concept
👉🏻   understand how baby get knowledge inside the womb
👉🏻   prayanam
👉🏻   Meditation
👉🏻  Ayurvediy concept of diet during pregnancy
👉🏻   Do’s and don’ts according to modern science and ayurveda
👉🏻   9 types IQ and it’s stimulation in pregnancy
👉🏻   Power of mind
👉🏻   Different types Meditation in pregnancy
👉🏻   Ideal routine for pregnant mothers
👉🏻   Effect of mantra on womb
👉🏻   Womb talking
👉🏻   Complete ANC to PNC guidance

Part 2 Music Therapy In Pregnancy
--- Dr. Madhuri Vitekar ---

🎵   Shabda- Definition, Synonyms,Types – Struck and Unstruck Sound

🎵   Nada – Nadopasana – Connect with the Aatman (soul)

🎵   Swara, Raga and Roga – Roga dissociation through Raga

🎵   Importance of Shabda Chikitsa in pregnancy

🎵   Practical demonstration/ Audio-Video clip

🎵   Swara and Raga –Sprout of Rasa / Bhava

🎵   Importance of Shabda Chikitsa for fetal development

🎵   Importance of Shabda Chikitsa for mother and baby bonding – Chord synchronisation amongst each other

🎵   Practical demonstration/ Audio-Video clip

Part 3 For Making Mother Comfortable With Body Changes And Preparing Them For Normal Delivery.
--- Dr Mohini Kulkarni Tathode ---

👉🏻   Prenatal yoga
👉🏻   Prenatal exercises
👉🏻   Ergonomics in pregnancy
👉🏻   Affirmations during pregnancy and delivery Much more
👉🏻   information about the walking ,exercises and yoga.

Part 4 -- Mental Health During Pregnancy Bonding With The Unborn.
--- Mrs. Rajini Kadam ---

 👉🏻   The precious role as Parents – the baby partnership
 👉🏻   Bonding with the unborn baby
 👉🏻   Mental health conditions during Antenatal/ Postnatal phase of the mother
 👉🏻   Work life balance
 👉🏻   Stress Management- Calm the mind